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Reiki Jewelry & Gifts

Reiki Jewelry & Gifts
This is a popular and exciting line of Reiki Power Symbol jewelry and gifts.
These are specialized symbols that many still regard as secret, therefore we have not included an explanation of their use...... Reiki Masters will know!

Be sure to attend classes and receive an attunement to be able to
provide the full benefit of Reiki energy.

Reiki is Japanese for Universal Life-Force, or Spiritually-Guided Energy;
Rei, Universal all-encompassing and all-knowing,
and Ki, life force energy, the same as Chi in Chinese.

This is the energy that binds all living things together in
unlimited amounts.  With the guidance and wisdom of the Universe,
this is the most powerful form of energy healing.
Reiki Jewelry
Reiki Jewelry
Reiki pendants in silver and glass
Reiki Gifts & Tools
Reiki Gifts & Tools
Reiki decor, gifts, and tools
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Cho Ku Rei in Stained Glass
Cho Ku Rei in Stained Glass
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